Kevin Cannon

Kevin Cannon
Nationality American
Area(s) Cartoonist, Writer, Artist

Kevin Cannon is an American cartoonist and illustrator.

Life and career

Cannon first published work was Johnny Cavalier, published by Grinnell College Press, which included 100 pages of weekly strips that originally ran in the Scarlet and Black. While attending Grinnell, Kevin was often asked if he was Zander Cannon's brother, though the two bear no relation. This caused him to contact Zander at The Handicraft Guild in Minneapolis and began work as his assistant. Kevin did background illustrations for Smax, published by DC Comics and illustrated The Handsome Prince by author Tom Hegg. Kevin and Zander's working relationship eventually led to their founding of Big Time Attic with Shad Petosky. With Zander he went on to write the sequel to Alan Moore's Top Ten.

Working on his own he has produced Far Arden, a graphic novel about a journey[1] described in one review as "382 pages of entertaining, action packed and genuinely funny adventure".[2]

In 2010, Far Arden was nominated for an Eisner Award in the category "Best Publication for Teens."

In 2012, Kevin began serially publishing Crater XV, the sequel to Far Arden, in the digital publication Double Barrel from Top Shelf Productions.


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