Kazimierz Ludwik Bieliński

Kazimierz Ludwik Bieliński (?-1713) was a Polish noble, politician and diplomat. He held several prominent offices in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. He was the starost of several counties. He obtained the central office of Crown Court Chamberlain from 1688 to 1702. Court Crown Marshal in 1702 and soon afterward he became the Grand Crown Marshal (1702-1713). He was a deputy to numerous Sejms (1683, 1688, 1690, marshal of the Sejm in 1697). He had a large court at the Palace in Otwock Wielki. He was a member of the Sandomierz Confederation. Recipient of the Order of the White Eagle.

Son of Jan Franciszek Bieliński. In 1682 he married Ludwika Maria Morsztyn. Father of Franciszek Bieliński (b. 1683), Marianna Denhoff (b.1685, lover of August II of Poland), and others.


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