Kavalai Illaadha Manithan

Kavalai Illaadha Manithan
Directed by K. Shankar
Produced by K. S. Ranganathan
Written by Kannadasan
Music by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy
Cinematography Thambu
Edited by K. Shankar
K. Narayanan
Kannadasan Productions
Distributed by Kannadasan Productions
Release dates
19 August 1960
Country India
Language Tamil

Kavalai Illaadha Manithan (Tamil: கவலை இல்லாத மனிதன்; English: (lit.)the man without worries) is a 1960 Tamil film directed by K. Shankar. The film features J. P. Chandrababu, M. R. Radha, T. S. Balaiah and Rajasulochana in lead roles. Kannadasan wrote script and lyrics for the film, and appeared in an uncredited role in this film. Despite the melodious music, impressive performances by Chandrababu, Radha, Balaiah and Rajasulochana, the film was not a success.[1]


Muthu (Chandrababu), a lawyer with no care in this wicked world, makes it his mission to solve the problems of fellow human beings. (Incidentally, Kannadasan's real name is Muthaiah.) In sharp contrast, his brother (Radha) believes in creating trouble for those around him, especially the women. Their affluent father (Balaiah) believes only in money and is not bothered about other things in life. He fixes the marriage of his wayward son with a woman Sivakami (Rajam), but she is in love with a young man (Mahalingam). True to his wont, he seduces a poor woman (Rajasulochana) whom he abandons with a child.

Muthu takes all the necessary steps to correct the wrongs done by his brother (Radha) and succeeds in bringing the lovers together, and also marries a young woman (Vijayalakshmi).


Sound Track

The music composed by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy.[2] Lyrics by Kannadasan. Singers are J. P. Chandrababu & T. R. Mahalingam. Playback singers are T. M. Soundararajan, G. K. Venkatesh, A. L. Raghavan, K. Jamuna Rani, Jikki, P. Suseela & T. S. Bagavathi.

Pirakkum Podhum Azhuginraai became a major hit and is still remembered. Chandrababu, whose life was drenched in tragedy, infused all his emotions into this song.

No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 Kaattil Maram K. Jamuna Rani Kannadasan 03:34
2 Kavalai Illaadha Manidhan J. P. Chandrababu 03:03
3 Naan Deivamaa T. R. Mahalingam 03:06
4 Penn Parkka Maappillai K. Jamuna Rani 03:39
5 Pirakkum Podhum Azhugindraai J. P. Chandrababu 03:38
6 Kannodu Vin Pesum Jaadai T. S. Bagavathi, G. K. Venkatesh,
K. Jamuna Rani & A. L. Raghavan
7 Sirikka Chonnaar Siritthen P. Suseela 02:32
8 Kann Koduththadhu Polae T. M. Soundararajan & Jikki 04:07


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