Coordinates: 36°47′16″N 14°29′34″E / 36.78778°N 14.49278°E / 36.78778; 14.49278Coordinates: 36°47′16″N 14°29′34″E / 36.78778°N 14.49278°E / 36.78778; 14.49278
Country Italy
Region Sicily
Province Ragusa
Founded Fifth century BC
Elevation 5 m (15 ft)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Postal codes 97100
Area code(s) 0932

Kaukana is a village, on the Mediterranean coast in Ragusa province, Sicily, near Kaukanai (Καυκάναι in Greek), an ancient port city from the period of Greek colonisation of Sicily.


The ancient city, known from archaeological excavations, is located a few hundred metres from Punta Secca, a few kilometers from Marina di Ragusa, which achieved notoriety as the site of the house of Inspector Montalbano as a result of a famous television series.

The fertile territory is rich in water and became the location of tiny settlements early in the Greek period, which together took the name Kaukanai. When the Roman consul Aulus Atilius Calatinus destroyed Camarina in 258 BC, the fleeing inhabitants of Camarina found refuge here. The Romans in the Imperial period expanded the port of Kaukanai which remained important for several centuries, up until the Byzantine period. There are remains of a three-naved cemetery church with tombs dug in the floor. Kaukanai was destroyed by Saracens around 827.

The excavations have revealed an interesting urban settlement with simple rectangular houses of two or three rooms as well as buildings with more rooms and a few with stairs and courtyards. The area was visited and studied by the famous archaeologist Paolo Orsi. The discoveries made in the area are on display in the Museo archeologico ibleo in Ragusa.

The area forms the Parco archeologico di Kaukana with ruins of a commercial dock of late Roman and Byzantine date.

Modern Caucana

In recent times, Kaukana has experienced a boom of settlement by tourists and beachgoers, principally in the summer months, since it is near the main beaches of Punta Secca, Punta Braccetto and Casuzze. The two main beaches of Caucana are characterised by fine sand and a marvellous sea. There are only soft westerly breezes and siroccos from Africa.

The sailing club of Kaukana is well-known meeting place for sailors and hosts important sporting events every year, like the Sicilian 470 class championships.

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