Kau Pei Chau

Kau Pei Chau
Native name: 狗髀洲
Coordinates 22°12′00″N 114°15′00″E / 22.20000°N 114.25000°E / 22.20000; 114.25000Coordinates: 22°12′00″N 114°15′00″E / 22.20000°N 114.25000°E / 22.20000; 114.25000
Length 1,340 m (4,400 ft)
District Southern
Population 0

Kau Pei Chau (Chinese: 狗髀洲) is an islet located off the coast of Hong Kong Island,about 50 metres off the tip of Cape D'Aguilar. Administratively, it is part of Southern District. There are no official residents on the islet. Kau Pei Chau has a length of 1.34 kilometre.[1]It is located directly south to the Cape D’Aguilar Marine Reserve.


Kau Pei (狗髀) literally means the thigh of a dog. Its original name in Chinese is Jiaobei (筊杯), which is a divination tool used in temples to request an answer from the gods in ancient China. [2][3]

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