Katarzyna Potocka

Katarzyna Potocka
Coat of arms Piława
Consort Prince Janusz Radziwiłł h. Trąby


Princess Anna Maria Radziwiłł
Prince Krzysztof Radziwiłł
Family Potocki
Father Stefan Potocki h. Piława
Mother Maria Amalia Mohyła h. Mohyła
Born 17th century
Died 1642

Katarzyna Potocka (died 1642) was a Polish noble lady.[1]

She was a daughter of Field Clerk of the Crown, rotmistrz and voivode of Bracław Stefan Potocki h. Piława and Princess Maria Amalia Mohyła h. Mohyła.

Marriage and issue

Painting of Katarzyna Potocka (left)

Katarzyna married Hetman Janusz Radziwiłł h. Trąby in August 1638 and had two children:


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