Katarzyna Ostrogska (1560–1579)

Kateryna Ostrozka
Coat of arms


Consort Krzysztof Mikołaj "the Thunderbolt" Radziwiłł


Family Ostrozky
Father Kostiantyn Vasyl Ostrozky
Mother Zofia Tarnowska
Born 1560
Died August 3, 1579(1579-08-03)
Coat of arms
Noble family Ostrogski

Princess Kateryna Ostrozka (Ukrainian: Катерина Острозька, Lithuanian: Kotryna Ostrogiškaitė, Polish: Katarzyna Ostrogska) (1560–1579) was a Polish–Lithuanian noble lady

She married Krzysztof Mikołaj "the Thunderbolt" Radziwiłł on July 22, 1578 in Dubno.

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