Kastrupgård gatehouse in 2013

Kastrupgård is a former country house, dating from the mid 18th century, in Kastrup, a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is now a museum housing the Kastrupgård Collection of modern art, which is owned and operated by Tårnby Municipality.

History and architecture

Kastrupgård is a former country house in Rococo style. Designed by sculptor and architect Jacob Fortling for his own use, it was built from 1749 to 1753. Fortling came to Denmark from Germany and became Royal Master Builder and Sculptor to the Danish Court. He also founded the nearby Kastrup Pottery and Tile Works.

The building was converted into a museum by Tårnby Municipality in 1977.


The museum contains a collection of modern art which has been acquired gradually by Tårnby Municipality since 1970. The emphasis is on graphic arts. It is also home to a collection of works by Theodor Philipsen and of faiences from Kastrup Værk.[1]

Special exhibitions are held regularly.

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Coordinates: 55°38′05″N 12°38′18″E / 55.6346°N 12.6383°E / 55.6346; 12.6383

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