Karl Moritz Schumann

Karl Moritz Schumann (17 June 1851 in Görlitz 22 March 1904 in Berlin) was a German botanist.

Dr. Schumann was the curator of the Botanisches Museum in Berlin-Dahlem from 1880 until 1894. He also served as the first chairman of the Deutsche Kakteen-Gesellschaft (German Cactus Society) which he founded November 6, 1892.

Karl Moritz Schumann participated as a collaborator in Die Natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien by Adolf Engler and K. A. E. Prantl and in Flora Brasiliensis by Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius.

The genera Schumannianthus (Gagnepain), Schumanniophyton (Harms), Schumannia (Kuntze) and several species were named after him, including:

  • Abelia schumannii
  • Cycas schumanniana
  • Cyperus karlschumannii
  • Mammillaria schumannii
  • Notocactus schumannianus      
  • Pavetta schumanniana
  • Psychotria schumanniana
  • Rubia schumanniana
  • Vangueria schumanniana



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