Kaohsiung Arena Station

Kaohsiung Arena
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit

Kaohsiung Arena Station Exit
Other names Sanmin Household & Commercial High School; 三民家商
Location Zuoying, Kaohsiung
Operated by
Platforms One island platform
Structure type Underground
Opened March 9, 2008
Passengers 21,430 daily (Jan. 2011)[1]
Kaohsiung Arena Station
Traditional Chinese 巨蛋車站
Simplified Chinese 巨蛋车站

The Kaohsiung MRT Kaohsiung Arena Station is a station on the Red Line in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The station is named after the nearby Kaohsiung Arena.

Station Overview

Kaohsiung Arena Station platform.
Kaohsiung Arena Station Exit 2.

The station is a two-level, underground station with an island platform and five exits.[2] It is 215 meters long and is located at the intersection of Boai Road and Yucheng Road.[3]

Station layout

Street Level Entrance/Exit Entrance/Exit
B1 Concourse Lobby, information desk, automatic ticket machines, one-way faregates
Restrooms (Near Exits 2 & 4)
B2 Platform 1 KMRT Red Line toward Siaogang (Aozihdi)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2 KMRT Red Line toward Gangshan South (Ecological District)


Around the Station


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Nearby stations

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Red Line
toward Siaogang

Coordinates: 22°39′58″N 120°18′12″E / 22.66611°N 120.30333°E / 22.66611; 120.30333

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