Kansai Airport Station

Kansai Airport

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Location 1, Senshu-kuko-naka, Tajiri, Sennan, Osaka
Coordinates 34°26′9.28″N 135°14′36.57″E / 34.4359111°N 135.2434917°E / 34.4359111; 135.2434917Coordinates: 34°26′9.28″N 135°14′36.57″E / 34.4359111°N 135.2434917°E / 34.4359111; 135.2434917
Operated by
Other information
Station code NK32 (Nankai)
Opened 1994
JR West Kansai Airport Line Platform"
Nankai Railway Airport Limited Express "Rapi:t"

Kansai Airport Station (関西空港駅 Kansaikūkō-eki) is a railway station shared by Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and West Japan Railway Company (JR West) at Kansai International Airport in Tajiri, Sennan District, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. The northern end of the platforms extends into the city of Izumisano.


This station has an island platforms serving 2 tracks for each company.

1, 2  Nankai Railway Airport Line for Izumisano and Namba
Change trains at Izumisano for Wakayamashi
3  JR West Kansai Airport Line Kansai Airport Rapid Services and Direct Rapid Services for Tennōji and Osaka
Shuttle trains for Hineno
Change trains at Hineno for Wakayama
4  JR West Kansai Airport Line Limited express trains "Haruka" for Tennōji, Shin-Ōsaka and Kyōto
Kansai Airport Rapid Services for Tennōji and Osaka

Adjacent stations

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Nankai Electric Railway Airport Line (NK32)
Rinkū Town (NK31)   Local   Terminus
Rinkū Town (NK31)   Airport Express   Terminus
Rinkū Town (NK31)   Airport Limited Express "Rapi:t"   Terminus
West Japan Railway Company (JR West) Kansai Airport Line
Rinkū Town   Kansai Airport Rapid Service   Terminus
Rinkū Town   Direct Rapid Service   Terminus
Rinkū Town   Local (shuttle trains)   Terminus
Tennoji (usually)
Hineno (2-10 northbound, 33-47 southbound)
  Limited Express "Haruka"   Terminus


The station opened on June 15, 1994, two and a half months before the opening of the airport. During this initial period, the station was open to the public but only airport employees and related personnel were allowed to leave the station concourse (a similar situation to Umi-Shibaura Station in Tokyo).

Since the mid-2000s, there have been plans to link Kansai Airport Station and central Osaka by a new underground railway line tentatively called the Naniwasuji Line, which would run between Namba and Shin-Osaka. In 2010, government calculations indicated that the new line would reduce travel time from Umeda to Kansai Airport to as little as 41 minutes, versus the current 56–68 minutes.[1] The station is also one of the proposed terminals for the Hokuriku Shinkansen high-speed rail line.[2]


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