Kanchana Ganga

Kanchana Ganga
Directed by V. Madhusudhan Rao
Produced by Ramoji Rao
Written by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani (Story)
D. V. Narasa Raju (Dialogues)
Starring Chandra Mohan
Sarath Babu
Prathap Pothen
Music by K. Chakravarthy
Cinematography S. Gopal Reddy
Edited by B. Venkata Ratnam
Release dates
Country India
Language Telugu

Kanchana Ganga is a 1984 Telugu romantic drama film directed by V. Madhusudhan Rao and produced by Ramoji Rao under Ushakiran Movies. The film stars Chandra Mohan, Sarath Babu, Saritha, Swapna and Pratap Pothen in the lead roles. The film is based on a novel by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani.


Kanchana (Saritha) and Ganga (Swapna) are friends. Kanchana wants to become a lawyer. Ganga always dreams of wealth. Kanchana is in love with Prabhakar (Chandra Mohan). Kanchana comes to know that Jayasimha (Sarath Babu) is a murderer and sentenced to jail for two years. She starts hating Jayasimha. Ganga goes Kanchana's home leaving her parents as they are trying to marry her off to a person who was already married. Kanchana's paternal uncle (J. V. Ramana Murthy), Prabhakar's father and aunt Annapurnamma (Annapoorna) accept Prabhakar and Kanchana's marriage. Annapurnamma calls Kanchana to introduce to her relatives. Kanchana and Ganga go her home. There, Annapurnamma shows jewellery to Kanchana and Ganga and also tells them about other property details.

Knowing Prabhakar's property details, Ganga wants to marry him. She molests him and tells him that she loves him. She asks him to kiss her once and tells him she will go away. Prabhakar does so and Jayasimha sees them. He tells about that to Kanchana and her paternal uncle. They do not believe in him. Prabhakar goes Kanchana's home. Ganga tells him that Kanchana and her paternal uncle go outside. Kanchana comes home and sees them moving closely. On seeing her, Prabhakar goes his home. Ganga tells Kanchana that he has told her that he loved her and she goes away.

Ganga calls Prabhakar and says that Kanchana has made her go and she is going to railway station. Prabhakar stops her they board in a hotel. Ganga stops his leaving and tells him to stay there. They make love and marry the next day. They go Prabhakar's home. His father and aunt scold them. They understand that she has married him to become rich. Prabhakar's father tells her that his cousin Annapurnamma is the owner of all the properties and asks them to leave.

Knowing this, Kanchana's paternal uncle dies. Kanchana moves to a hostel. Prabhakar meets Mohan (Pratap Pothen) who was senior to him. He eyes on Ganga and gives him a job and a house. Kanchana goes to Mohan's office for interview. Prabhakar tells her that he will recommend for the job but she leaves. Mohan sends Prabhakar to his branches in North India to look into accounts of his business. He often goes to Ganga and tries to molest her. Later, they make love.

Jayasimha becomes an auto driver and tries to help Kanchana but she rejects his help. When she is teased by rowdies, Jayasimha fights them and saves her. Jayasimha and the rowdies get arrested by police. Kanchana bails him and they go to his home. She does first aid to him and stays the night there. The hostel warden rejects her coming as she stayed at an unknown man's house. Kanchana goes to Jayasimha's house. He sells auto and buys a taxi. Kanchana studies law with Jayasimha's help. She asks him to marry her. Later, they marry and she becomes a lawyer. Jayasimha tells Kanchana that he is a post graduate and gold medalist, and was falsely accused of a murder.

Mohan brings a man to Ganga and asks her to make love with him for which she rejectes. Mohan tries to rape her and she kills him. Kanchana saves Ganga and all are united.




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