Kagani dialect

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Hazara Hindki
Native to Pakistan
Region Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Hazara: Mansehra and Abbotabad), Indus Valley, Kaghan Valley
Native speakers
(1.9 million Northern Hindko / Kagani cited 1981 census)[1]
apparently including Dhanni, Sawain (Sohain), and Tinauli
Language codes
ISO 639-3 hno (may include other dialects)
Linguist list
Glottolog nort2662[3]

Kagani, also known as Kaghani, Northern Hindko, Hazara Hindko or Hindki of Hazara, is one of several Western Punjabi dialects north of Hindko proper which go by the name "Northern Hindko" or "Panjistani" but have not been adequately surveyed.[4]

Other northern "Hindko" dialects include Dhanni and Sawain (Sohain), Tinauli, Dhundi-Kairali, Chibhali, and Punchhi. Some of these may be included in the 1981 census figure of 1.9 million speakers, but it is not known if these are actually closer to Kagani than they are to other languages;[4] Ethnologue counts the last three as dialects of Pothohari, but Linguist List suggests that the first three (Dhann, Sawain, & Tinauli) have been counted with Kagani.

Due to the confusion over the scope of the name "Hindko", details of some of these dialects are covered at Hindko.

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