Kafr 'Aqab

Kafr 'Aqab
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  Arabic كفر عقب

Kfar 'Aqab, 2013
Kafr 'Aqab

Location of Kafr 'Aqab within the Palestinian territories

Coordinates: 31°52′33″N 35°13′11″E / 31.87583°N 35.21972°E / 31.87583; 35.21972Coordinates: 31°52′33″N 35°13′11″E / 31.87583°N 35.21972°E / 31.87583; 35.21972
Governorate Jerusalem
  Type Municipality
Population (2006)
  Jurisdiction 10,411

Kafr 'Aqab (Arabic: كفر عقب) is the northernmost Palestinian Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem. It is located within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem and two kilometers from Ramallah.[1]

According to a census conducted in 1931 by the British Mandate authorities, Kafr Aqab had a population of 250, in 59 houses.[2] According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2006, Kafr 'Aqab had a population of 10,411.[3] Primary health care for Kafr 'Aqab is obtained in Al-Ram.[4] In 2007, Kfar 'Aqab was described as a middle class suburb.[5]

While Kafr 'Aqab was annexed with the rest of East Jerusalem by Israel and falls under its full jurisdiction, it is separated from Jerusalem by the Israeli West Bank barrier. Municipal inspectors never inspect the area beyond the barrier. This creates "a planning nightmare and developer's dream".[6]

The al-Faruq mosque in Kafr 'Aqab offers weekly classes in the Islamic teachings of Hizb ut-Tahrir.[7]


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