Kadhalikka Vanga

Kadhalika Vanga

DVD Cover from the movie Kadhalikka Vanga
Directed by I.N. Murthy
Produced by Tamilvanan
Written by Tamilvanan
Starring Jaishankar
Major Sundararajan
Music by Raghava Naidu
Cinematography Chitti Babu
Edited by K. Balu
Distributed by Comedy Pictures
Release dates
6 June 1972
Running time
145 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Kadhalikka Vanga (English: comes on love) is a Tamil language film released in 1972, starring Jaishankar, Sreekanth and Major Sundararajan with Manorama, Kavitha, Vijayagirija and Thengai Srinivasan in supporting roles. The movie is about a Diamond Robbery.[1][2]


Three young rich girls go to a hotel and discuss a movie; they are: Ganga (Manorama), Yamuna (VijayaGirija) and Kaveri (Kavitha). Kaveri was bet for her own other two sisters. She was do the same cinema robbery in her house. These all news was listen Ramesh (Sreekanth). He is a gangster and robber. Jaishankar worked at a Hotel, his name was Tamilarasu. Kaveri was blackmail for her father Thengai Srinivasan, and she was brought up kin of his diamond, other two sisters was waiting out of her house. Kaveri was shown the diamond for her own sister Ganga & Yamuna. The same time Ramesh was pick up diamond to Kaveri and under carrying for himself. Yamuna was noted Ramesh (Sreekanth) car number, the whole family was complaint to police about diamond robbery, the doubt was turning into robbery leader "Pulipandi". Police are consulted for our Co-Officer. One police Officer says "Pulipandi" lover was dancing at the night club and she name was Jasmine (Shabnam).

Ramesh (Sreekanth) was drive into car police was roundup his car, so he was escape into police and runaway, Ramesh was throw the suitcase behind the compound wall. Tamilarasu(jaishankar) was return to his home, his saw the suitcase and open it known diamond there is inside of suitcase, Tamilarasu was care suitcase for himself. Suddenly entire Judo (Major Sundararajan) was picked the suitcase to Tamilarasu, Judo was goes to his home. A tiger was coming inside of his home and take the suitcase and goes to out of home and raise a car. He is shocked, because judo was already seen the tiger was at Night club, the tiger was pet animal for the dance Jasmine (Shabnam).Jasmine was tie the diamond for the tiger nick belt.Judo was find comes to jasmine and spray the Anathesia for tiger and take diamond and his stick the diamond for pigeon legs. Kaveri was seen Ramesh car and she was followed him and found his home. Kaveri told about the story for her other two sisters Ganga And Yamuna. Three girls was goes to Ramesh's house and required for diamond his told the girl for true story. Then girls are meet to Tamilarasu & Judo. They 3 girls fall loves for meet at 3 mans for mutual attraction to each other. They paired with Ganga & Judo, Yamuna & Ramesh, Kaveri & Tamilarasu. incidentally Thengai Srinivasan meet Jasmine and his fall love her.Thengai Srinivasan 3 Daughters was introducing to her lovers worked for high position Doctor, Constructor, and Professor.but Thengai Srinivasan was known all truth Tamilarasu worked for servant, so kaveri father was objection her marriage. so Kaveri told another true other two sisters lovers real profession was robbery and smuggling. Then Ganga was angry with kaveri, and ganga told secret of diamond robbery Kaveri was stolen diamond for own house and Thengai Srinivasan was highly shocking hear this news.He said all stories to Jasmine.she told to him arrange our daughter then we are getting married.

Kaveri was invited our marriage for comes to her music master home. The same time Ramesh was invite Jasmine was dancing for our marriage and she was seen Ramesh hands and thinking about the Ring. Jasmine come to Pulipandi home. Kaveri was hide behind the door, Jasmine was search the box, but the ring is inside the box, she is totally confused. Jasmine was take the suitcase and goes to out. Kaver opened other box, she was saw for kin of her diamond. Kaveri and Jasmine was fighting, enter her music master kaveri asking help to him, but he is try to shoot Kaveri, and Tamilarasu was saves kaveri. Finally, they are identified music master is Pulipandi. The police was arrest them. Thengai Srinivasan was requesting to police Inspector take another 3 Handcaps because this there are cheated people and rubber-or and smuggler, the Inspector was cleared Thengai Srinivasan doubt your three Son-in-law was CID officer. Judo (Major Sundararajan) is a Bombay CID Officer, Ramesh (Sreekanth) is a Delhi CID officer and Tamilarasu (Jaishankar) is a Tamil Nadu CID Officer. Finally they are married.


Jaishankar as Tamilarasu
Sreekanth as Ramesh
Major Sundararajan as Judo
Kavitha as Kaveri
Manorama as Ganga
Vijaya Girija as Yamuna
Shabnam as Jasmine
Thengai Srinivasan



The music was composed by Raghava Naidu and lyrics were written by Veerapandian.[3]

No Songs Singer Lyrics Duration(m:ss)
1 Kadhalikka vanga (Title Song) Saroja Veerapandian 1.02
2 Aa Aa Azhagae L.R.Eswari 4.06
3 Unakkum Yenakkum T.M. Soundararajan 4.11
4 Kadhal Endral Athu Then P. Suseela, Manorama 4.23


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