Kade (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Arcana Studio
First appearance Kade #1 (Dec. 2003)
Created by Sean O'Reilly
In-story information
Team affiliations Children of the Black Sun
Abilities Rapid healing
Inability to feel pain or touch
Ability to sense evil.

Kade is a fictional comic book character created by Sean O'Reilly, who appears in a comic books published through Arcana Studios. He first appeared in Kade #1 (December 2003).

Fictional character background

The first trade paperback, Kade: Identity, was released in 2005. Set during the Iron Age, the story follows Kade as he tries to remove the Dark Veil and the demon behind the darkness. The demon Apollyon is ultimately the one who gave the order to kill all children born under the solar eclipse. Kade was one of those children and while his body died, his spirit did not. Reborn as a Child of the Black Sun he becomes an ageless warrior who has been bestowed gifts to hunt the demons of our world.

Kade spawned a spin-off title, Ezra, as well as an all-new series in 2006 titled Kade: Sun of Perdition. Artwork was supplied by then-new artist Stjepan Šejić, who has since gone on to work for Top Cow and Dynamite Entertainment.

Kade: Sun of Perdition, takes place 1000 years after Identity and is set during the Dark Ages. Kade, called "the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Chain to the Abyss of Hell", has to face once again the demon known as Apollyon. Apollyon has merged with Kamric to form the Beast known as Abbaddon. Kade is my friend. You can't put him in a fake universe, that's not nice. What's more, he knows it. Kade and Ezra manage to banish The Beast back to the Abyss but not before The Fallen are released. The Fallen are seven angels who defied God and who are determined to bring about the Apocalypse. Just prior to being banished, Abaddon manages to free the Fallen and kill Ezra in front of a horrified Kade.

Kade: Shiva's Sun is the third series and takes place 50 years after Sun of Perdition, set in India's Golden Age. Alex Niklovitch is writing. The first issue is set for release in August 2007.

Powers and abilities

Due to his mystical origins, Kade is virtually immortal and can rapidly heal from any wound. He has the mystical ability to sense evil, and can follow it to its source. A negative side-effect of his powers is that he cannot feel anything, painful or pleasurable.

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