K. Thavamani Devi

K. Thavamani Devi

K. Thavamani Devi and M. S. Subbulakshmi in the 1940 film Shakuntala
Born c. 1925
Died 10 February 2001 (aged 76)

K. Thavamani Devi (c. 1925 10 February 2001)[1] was a Sri Lankan actress who also worked in a number of Tamil films during the 1940s.[2] Born and brought up at a wealthy family in Jaffna, Sri Lanka her father was a successful barrister. Encouraged by parents, Thavamani moved to Madras, India at an early age.[2]

During her time in Madras, she learnt Bharata Natyam and Carnatic music, which helped her sing her own lines in many Tami films. owing to her singing talents won her the honorific "Singalathu Kuyil" (English: (lit.) Sinhalese Cuckoo).[2][2] She was MGR's heroine in Rajakumaari (1947).[3] Some of the other films that she did in Tamil include Shakuntala, Vana Mohini, Naatiya Rani, Krishna Kumar and Bhakta Kaalathi

Later Years

She married a widower, Kodilinga Sastry of Rameshwaram , in November 1962 and retired to a spiritual life.[4]


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