Kökömeren River

Kökömeren River (Көкөмерен)
Country Kyrgyzstan
 - left Jumgal River, Minkush River
 - right Kebyuk Suu
Source confluence of Suusamyr River and Karakol (West) River
 - elevation 2,030 m (6,660 ft)
 - coordinates 42°07′21″N 74°03′43″E / 42.12250°N 74.06194°E / 42.12250; 74.06194
Mouth Naryn River
 - elevation 1,127 m (3,698 ft)
 - coordinates 41°43′01″N 73°52′31″E / 41.71694°N 73.87528°E / 41.71694; 73.87528Coordinates: 41°43′01″N 73°52′31″E / 41.71694°N 73.87528°E / 41.71694; 73.87528
Length 199 km (124 mi)
Basin 10,400 km2 (4,015 sq mi)

The Kökömeren River (Kyrgyz: Көкөмерен) is a right tributary of Naryn River located in Jumgal District of Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan. It is formed by the confluence of rivers Suusamyr and Karakol (west). The length of Kökömeren River is 199 km, and watershed - 10,400 m2. It possesses significant hydro-power potential. [1] In June 2011, China and Kyrgyzstan signed a protocol of intent to begin construction of Kökömeren River chain of power plants in 2012. [2] Whitewater rafting and fishing are popular tourist activities on Kökömeren River.


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