Kävlinge River

Kävlinge River (Kävlingeån)
Lödde å
Kävlinge River near Gårdstånga
Country Sweden
County Skåne
Source Vombsjön
 - elevation 19 m (62 ft)
 - coordinates SE 55°41′54″N 13°33′19″E / 55.69833°N 13.55528°E / 55.69833; 13.55528
Mouth Lommabukten in Öresund
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates SE 55°43′45″N 12°59′45″E / 55.72917°N 12.99583°E / 55.72917; 12.99583Coordinates: SE 55°43′45″N 12°59′45″E / 55.72917°N 12.99583°E / 55.72917; 12.99583
Length 90 km (56 mi) [1]
Basin 1,203.8 km2 (465 sq mi) [2]

Kävlinge River (Kävlingeån in Swedish, but also known as Lödde å between the town of Kävlinge and the mouth near Löddeköpinge) is the name of a small river on the flat lands of Scania in southern Sweden.

It starts at the lake Vombsjön and ends in the Öresund strait.[1] The river is only 50 km long but played an important role in the Battle of Lund in 1676.


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