Jutta of Thuringia

Jutta of Thuringia
Spouse(s) Dietrich I, Margrave of Meissen
Poppo VII of Henneberg
Noble family Ludowingians
Father Hermann I, Landgrave of Thuringia
Mother Sophia of Sommerschenburg
Born 1184
Died 6 August 1235(1235-08-06)

Jutta of Thuringia (born: 1184; died: 6 August 1235 in Schleusingen) was the eldest daughter of Landgrave Hermann I of Thuringia and his first wife, Sophia of Sommerschenburg, a daughter of Fredrick II of Sommerschenburg.

Before 1197, she married Margrave Dietrich I of Meissen.

After her husband's death in 1221, she had a dispute with her brother, Landgrave Louis IV of Thuringia, who was very eager to act as regent and guardian for her three-year-old son Landgrave Henry III.

In 1223, she married her second husband, Count Poppo VII of Henneberg.

Jutta of Thuringia died on 6 August 1235 in Schleusingen.

Marriage and issue

Children from her marriage to Dietrich I of Meissen:

  1. Hedwig (d. 1249) married Count Dietrich IV of Cleves (1185-1260)
  2. Otto (died before 1215)
  3. Sophia (d. 1280) married Count Henry of Henneberg-Schleusingen (d. 1262)
  4. Jutta
  5. Henry the Illustrious (1218-1288) Margrave of Meissen

Children from her marriage with Poppo VII of Henneberg:

  1. Herman I of Henneberg (1224-1290)

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