Justinian dynasty

Justinian dynasty
Justin I 518527
Justinian I 527565
Justin II 565578
with Sophia and Tiberius as regents, 574578
Tiberius II 578582
Maurice 582602
with Theodosius as co-emperor, 590602
Preceded by
Leonid dynasty
Followed by
Phocas and the Heraclian dynasty
Consular diptych (540) of Justin, son of Germanus, cousin of Justinian.

The Justinian Dynasty is a family who ruled over the Byzantine Empire from 518 to 602. It originated with Justin I and ended with Maurice. Patriarch Germanus I of Constantinople (term c. 715 – 730), whose father was named Justinian, might have been a descendant of the dynasty. The names Justin, Justinian and Germanus were common among dynasty members. [1] [2]

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