Julia (wife of Sulla)

Julia, or possibly Ilia (c. 129 BC – c. 104 BC), was a Roman noblewoman who was the first wife of Sulla, later a Roman dictator. Little is known of her life and sources are confused as to whether her name was Julia or Ilia. If Julia is correct, she could have been a daughter of Lucius Julius Caesar II, and therefore a sister of future consul Lucius Julius Caesar III and Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus.[1] Around 110 BC, while both were young, Julia married Sulla. A marital connection to the Julii Caesares may have served Sulla in his political life, as when he was chosen to serve under Gaius Marius in the Jugurthine War.[2] Julia and Sulla had a daughter, Cornelia, who later was active in Roman society. Julia apparently died young, and Sulla married his second wife, Aelia.[1]


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