Juan Tomas Enriquez de Cabrera, 7th Duke of Medina de Rioseco

Juan Francisco de la Cerda, (1637–1691), 8th Duke of Medinaceli, the father of Ana Catalina and Luis Francisco, political exiles from Spain, because of their allegiance to Archduke Charles of Austria during the War of Spanish Succession, (1700–1713). Painting by Claudio Coello

Juan Tomás Enríquez de Cabrera y Ponce de Leon, VII Duque de Medina de Río-Seco (Genoa, Italy, 1646 – Estremoz, Portugal, 1705), was a Spanish noble and military.

He belonged to the important Enríquez family, whose title Duque de Medina de Río-Seco was awarded by King Charles I of Spain, Emperor Charles V, in April 1538.
He was the 11th and last hereditary Admiral of Castile, Governor of the Duchy of Milan, (1678–1686), Viceroy of Catalonia, (1688), member of the State Council, ambassador in Rome and France, Caballerizo mayor to the King and Field Marshal of the Holy Roman Empire (1705) . His grandfather, the 5th Duke of Medina de Rioseco, had been Juan Alfonso Enríquez de Cabrera, Viceroy of Sicily, 1641 – 1644, Viceroy of Naples, 1644 – 1646.

He was politically exiled from Spain by siding with Archduke Charles, later Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Charles VI of Austria (1685–1740) in the War of Spanish Succession.

He married in 1662 with Ana Catalina de la Cerda Portocarrero, daughter of Antonio de la Cerda, 7th Duke of Medinaceli. After his wife's death, he remarried in 1697 with her niece, Ana Catalina de la Cerda y de Cardona-Aragon, (1663–1698), widow since 1690 of Pedro Antonio de Aragón 5th Duke of Segorbe, Viceroy of Naples !664 – 1671, and daughter of Juan Francisco de la Cerda (1637–1691), 8th Duke of Medinaceli, 6th Duke of Alcalá de los Gazules, Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1670, PM of King Carlos II of Spain and many other lesser titles, and Catalina Antonia de Cardona-Aragon y Sandoval, 9th Duchess of Cardona, 8th Duchess of Segorbe on her own rights.
They had no surviving issue.

His wife Ana Catalina, was the sister of the 9th Duke of Medinaceli and main inheritor, Luis Francisco de la Cerda y de Cardona-Aragón, (1654 – in prison, in the Castle of Pamplona in January 1711), who had married Maria de las Nieves Téllez Girón y Sandoval, + 1732.


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