Józef Michał Poniatowski

Józef Michał Poniatowski
Coat of arms Ciołek


with Matilda Perotti
Jozef Stanislaw Poniatowski
Family Poniatowski
Father Stanisław Poniatowski
Mother Cassandra Luci
Born (1816-07-24)July 24, 1816
Rome, Papal States
Died July 4, 1873(1873-07-04) (aged 58)
Chislehurst, Kent, United Kingdom

Józef Michał Poniatowski (Rome, July 24, 1814 – London, July 4, 1873) was a Polish szlachcic, a composer and an operatic tenor. He was the nephew of the Polish general Prince Józef Antoni Poniatowski.[1][2] He was created the 1st Conte di Monte Rotondo on November 20, 1847, and the first Principe di Monte Rotondo on November 19, 1850[3] by Grand Duke of Tuscany Lepold II.[4]


Jozef Michal Poniatowski (Joseph Michael Xavier Francis John) was born Giuseppe Michele Saverio Francesco Giovanni Luci in Rome, the son of Stanisław Poniatowski and Cassandra Luci.[3][5] He was legitimated as a son of Stanisław Poniatowski in 1847,[3] and he became a naturalized Tuscan.[4]

Personal life

He studied music under Ceccherini at Florence. He wrote numerous operas for Italian and French theatres. Poniatowski was sent to Paris as plenipotentiary by Grand Duke Leopold II. Napoleon III made him in 1854 a senator and a naturalized French citizen.[4]

He married Matilda Perotti (1814–1875) in 1834 at Florence. They had one son, Stanislaus August Friedrich Józef Telemach (born in Florence on November 9, 1835, died in Paris on January 6, 1908), who married Louise Le Hon.[6]

Poniatowski died and was buried in Chislehurst, Kent in 1873.


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