José Ribeiro da Fonseca

José Ribeiro da Fonseca (b. at Évora, 3 December 1690; d. at Porto, 16 June 1752) was a Portuguese Franciscan, who became Bishop of Porto.[1]


He was received into the Franciscan Order in the convent of Ara Coeli at Rome, 8 December 1712. As minister general of the order, he was untiring in his efforts to restore discipline; and displayed prudence, tact, and executive ability.

In 1740 he founded the large library in the old convent of Ara Coeli, and under his direction and patronage, the Annales Minorum of Luke Wadding were published at Rome in seventeen volumes, between the years 1731 and 1741.

Fonseca several times declined the episcopal dignity, but finally accepted (1741) the See of Porto, to which he was nominated by John V of Portugal.



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