José Carrillo de Albornoz, 1st Duke of Montemar

José Carrillo de Albornoz y Montiel
Duque de Montemar
cabTO OStg
Viceroy of Sicily
In office
Monarch Charles III
Preceded by Cristoforo Fernández de Cordoba, Count of Sastago, 1728-1734, under Austrian rule
Succeeded by Bartolomeo Corsini, Prince of Gismano, 1737-1747
Personal details
Born 8 October 1671
Seville, Spain
Died June 26, 1747(1747-06-26) (aged 75)
Madrid, Spain
Spouse(s) Isabel Francisca de Antich y Antich
Children Francisco Carrillo de Albornoz y Antich, Leonor Carrillo de Albornoz y Antich and María Magdalena Carrillo de Albornoz y Antich
Religion Catholic

José Carrillo de Albornoz y Montiel, (3rd Count of Montemar) and 1st Duke of Montemar (8 October 1671 26 June 1747)[1] was a Spanish nobleman and military leader, who conquered the Two Sicilies, Oran and Mazalquivir. He was a member of the Carrillo family, a Spanish noble house, and was Viceroy of Sicily in 1734–1737.


Carrillo was born in Seville. He married Isabel Francisca de Antich y Antich in 1700 with whom he had three children (Francisco, Leonor & María Magdalena). During the War of the Spanish Succession he aligned with the side of Philip of Anjou and fought as mariscal de campo in the Battle of Villaviciosa (1710) in the cavalry under the Count of Aguilar.

He also participated in the Spanish campaign in Sardinia and Sicily during the War of the Quadruple Alliance between 1718 and 1720.

In 1731 he headed the expeditionary force that occupied the Duchy of Parma for its legal heir, Don Carlos, future King Charles III of Spain.

In 1732 Blas de Lezo led the Spanish navy and De Albornoz led the Spanish army in conquering Oran and Mazalquivir from the Turks (which had taken both cities in 1708.

In 1733 he commanded the Spanish army that fought and defeated the Austrians in Italy during the War of Polish Succession. His greatest victory was the Battle of Bitonto on May 25, 1734.

As a cavalry officer he supported the cavalry charge with the saber in hand against any enemy infantry firing their guns.

He was the first viceroy of Sicily after the Spanish reconquest of the island from 1734 to 1737 and Minister of War from 1737 to 1741.

In 1741 he was appointed as head of the 50,000 men strong expeditionary Spanish army in Italy during the War of Austrian Succession. He would later be replaced at the end of 1742 by Count de Gages.


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  1. In full, Spanish: Don José Carrillo de Albornoz y Montiel, tercer conde y primer duque de Montemar, comendador de Moratalla, caballero de la Orden de Santiago, caballero del Toisón de Oro, capitán general de los RREE, coronel de RR Guardias, director general de la caballería de España, general en jefe del Ejército de Orán, ministro de la Guerra del rey Fernando VI)
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Government offices
Preceded by
Cristobal Fernández de Cordoba, Count of Sastago, (1728 - 1734), under Austrian rule
Viceroy of Sicily
Succeeded by
Bartolomeo Corsini, Prince of Gismano, 1737-1747
Spanish nobility
New title Duke of Montemar
Succeeded by
María Magdalena
Carrillo de Albornoz
Preceded by
Carrillo de Albornoz
Count of Montemar
Succeeded by
Carrillo de Albornoz
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