Jorge Raschke

Jorge Raschke born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico is a pentecostal Assemblies of God pastor who is well known for his opinions on many subjects as well as for his religious evangelistic events. He is of Ashkenazi descendant.

Reverend Raschke has travelled all over Latin America and the United States to preach, and he has held conferences and church services in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and other countries.

Reverend Raschke has been holding a yearly event, "Dia de Clamor a Dios" for 41 years. The event is held in September, on Labor Day, at the north entrance of Puerto Rico's Capitol building, and it draws thousands of Christians from all around the island-country.

Raschke's daughter, Kimmey, was a member of the Senate of Puerto Rico. Raschke has another daughter, Kathryn, and a son, Jorge Isaac.

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