Joost de Lalaing

Joost de Lalaing

Lalaing coat of arms
Spouse(s) Bonne de Viefville
Noble family House of Lalaing
Father Simon de Lalaing
Mother Jeanne de Gavre
Died 5 August 1483(1483-08-05)

Joost de Lalaing (ca. 1437 5 August 1483 near Utrecht), lord of Montigny and of Santes, was a noble from Hainaut who filled several important posts in service of the Burgundian Dukes.


Joost de Lalaing was the eldest son of Simon de Lalaing. In 1468 Charles the Bold appointed him souvereign-bailiff for the County of Flanders.

In 1463 he became Admiral of Flanders. In 1476 he was a member of the Duchal Council of Charles the Bold. From 1477 on he was chamberlain at the court of Charles' daughter, Mary of Burgundy. In 1478 he was made a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece. When Wolfert VI of Borselen could no longer control the situation in the Holland and Zeeland, Joost was appointed stadtholder of these regions. He remained stadtholder until his death in 1483. Joost de Lalaing died at the siege of Utrecht, during the Hook and Cod wars.

Marriage and descendants

Joost de Lalaing married Bonne de Viefville in 1462. They had four children:


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