Joon Aryk

Joon Aryk (Жоон Арык)
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Naryn Province
District Kochkor District
Source confluence of Kara-Kujur River and Telek River
Mouth Chu River
 - elevation 1,802 m (5,912 ft)
 - coordinates KG 42°13′15.60″N 75°44′29″E / 42.2210000°N 75.74139°E / 42.2210000; 75.74139Coordinates: KG 42°13′15.60″N 75°44′29″E / 42.2210000°N 75.74139°E / 42.2210000; 75.74139
Length 34.8 km (22 mi)
Basin 1,340 km2 (517 sq mi)

The Joon Aryk (Kyrgyz: Жоон Арык) is a river in Kochkor District of Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan. It is formed by confluence of Kara-Kujur and Telek rivers. The length of the river is 34.8 km (22 mi), basin area - 1340 square kilometers, and average annual discharge - 11.4 cubic meters per second. Chu River is formed by the confluence of Kochkor River and Joon Aryk near village Kochkor.[1]


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