Jonas Damelis

Self-portrait (1817)

Jonas Damelis, also known as Jan Krzysztof Damel and Johann Damehl (1780 30 August 1840)[1][2] was a neoclassicist artist associated with the School of Art at Vilnius University in Lithuania.

Born in Jelgava, Latvia, Damelis studied art at Vilnius University under Jan Rustem and Franciszek Smuglewicz, receiving a degree in 1809. He lived in Vilnius until he was deported to Siberia in 1820. Upon his release he lived in St. Petersburg and Minsk. He is considered one of the most prominent artists of the genre working in Belarus (White Russia).[2][3]

His works include paintings of historic events (the Kościuszko Uprising, Napoleon's army in Vilnius, the death of Ulrich von Jungingen during the Battle of Grunwald, and the Battle of Vienna), portraits, drawings, and religious compositions. Among his successful students was Michał Kulesza.


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