John of Lusignan

John of Lusignan (or Jean de Lusignan) (ca 1329 or 1329/1330–1375), Regent of Cyprus and Titular Prince of Antioch. He was son of King Hugh IV of Cyprus and his second wife, Alix of Ibelin.

Marriage & Issues

The Lusignan coat of arms on the foundation inscription of the Cathedral of Saint John in Nicosia, Cyprus

He married twice, firstly in 1343 to Constance of Sicily (d. after April 19, 1344), daughter of Frederick III of Sicily and Eleanor of Anjou, without issue, and secondly in 1350 to Alice of Ibelin, by whom he was the father of:

Out of wedlock he had an illegitimate son by Alice Embriaco de Giblet:


He was murdered as a result of his involvement in the murder of his elder brother, King Peter I of Cyprus. The historian Estienne de Lusignan is his descendant. This is the Prince John that the Prince John Tower of the St. Hilarion Castle was named after. Tradition says that he executed the two Bulgarians, that consisted his personal guard, by throwing them one by one from the windows of the particular tower.


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