John de Burgh, 13th Earl of Clanricarde

General John Thomas de Burgh, 13th and 1st Earl of Clanricarde PC (Ire) (22 September 1744 – 27 July 1808), styled The Honourable until 1797, was an Irish nobleman and soldier. He was made a member of the Privy Council of Ireland in 1801.

De Burgh raised the 88th Regiment of Foot, later renamed the Connaught Rangers, in 1793. Having commanded this regiment, he became Colonel of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot (1794–1808) and Governor of Hull (1801–1808). He was promoted full General of the Army in 1803.

De Burgh was also a keen cricketer. He played for Surrey in 1773 but was possibly a guest player as his name only occurs a handful of times in match reports.[1] De Burgh's contribution to the sport was as a Hambledon Club member. He joined prior to June 1772 when the club's minutes began; and was president of the club in 1784.[2]

He was made Earl of Clanricarde (by a second creation, then later inherited from his brother Henry, the 12th Earl) in 1796 and Privy Councillor in 1801.[3] He was made Governor and Custos Rotulorum (1798-1808) of County Galway. [4]

Married to Elizabeth, a daughter of Sir Thomas Burke, he was succeeded by his son, Ulick John.[5]


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Military offices
New regiment Colonel of the 88th Regiment of Foot
Succeeded by
John Reid
Preceded by
Joseph Gabbett
Colonel of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot
Succeeded by
Oliver Nicolls
Preceded by
Hon. William Harcourt
Governor of Kingston-upon-Hull
Succeeded by
Sir William Medows
Peerage of Ireland
Preceded by
Henry de Burgh
Earl of Clanricarde
1st creation
Succeeded by
Ulick de Burgh
New creation Earl of Clanricarde
2nd creation
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