John Tyrrell (died 1437)

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Sir John Tyrrell (c. 1382 – 2 April 1437)[1] lord of the manor of Heron in the parish of East Horndon, Essex, was Knight of the Shire for Essex, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Treasurer of the Royal Household.


John Tyrrell was the eldest son of Walter Tyrrell[1] of Avon Tyrrell, Hampshire, by his wife Eleanor Flambard (d. 29 March 1422), daughter and heiress of Edmund Flambard of Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, by his wife Elizabeth FitzRalph, daughter of Richard FitzRalph.[1][2][3] After the death of Walter Tyrrell, Eleanor remarried to Sir Nicholas Haute (1357–c. 1415), MP, of Wadden Hall in Waltham, Kent.[4][5]

John was the grandson and heir of Sir Thomas Tyrrell (d.1382)[6] who was buried at Downham, Essex, in 1382, and was survived by his wife, Alice.[1][3]


John Tyrrell had the following four brothers:[7]


He probably also had a sister:


John Tyrrell was appointed High Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire in 1413 and again in 1423. He was elected knight of the shire for Essex 12 times between 1411 and 1437 and once for Hertfordshire in 1427. He was elected Speaker of the House of Commons three times, in 1421, 1429 and 1437.

In 1427 he was appointed steward of Clare in Suffolk and Thaxted in Essex, during the minority of Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York, and chief steward of the Duchy of Lancaster north of Trent.[1] He was a member of King Henry VI's council in France in 1431. He was knighted in 1431 and in May of that year was appointed Treasurer of the Royal Household, a post he held until his death.[1]


The Tyrrell arms are Argent, two chevronels azure, a border engrailed gules. The family motto is Sans crainte.[1]

Marriages and progeny

John Tyrrell married twice:

First marriage

He married firstly at some time before 1411 to Alice Coggeshall (d.1422), daughter and co-heiress of Sir William Coggeshall[1][13] (by his wife Antiocha Hawkwood, daughter and heiress of Sir John Hawkwood,[14][15]) by whom he had five surviving sons[1] and four daughters,[16] including:

Second marriage

John Tyrrell married secondly at some time before 1427[31] to Katherine Burgate (d. after 1436), the widow successively of Robert Stonham (died 1397), of Stonham Aspal, Suffolk,[32] and John Spencer (died 1417), of Banham, Norfolk,[33] and daughter and co-heiress of Sir William Burgate (d. 24 July 1409) of Burgate, Suffolk, by his wife Eleanor Visdelou, daughter of Sir Thomas Visdelou,[1][34] by whom he had a daughter.[16]


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