John I of Brienne, Count of Eu

John I of Brienne (died 12 June 1294) was the son of Alphonso of Brienne and Marie de Lusigan.[1] His mother was the heiress of Eu, Seine-Maritime, and he succeeded his father as Count of Eu in 1270.

He married Beatrice, the daughter of Guy III, Count of Saint-Pol.[1] They had five children:

  1. John II of Brienne, Count of Eu
  2. Isabelle (d. 1302/07), married John II of Dampierre, Viscount of Troyes (d. c.1307)
  3. Jeanne (d. aft. 12 March 1325), married first Raymond VI, Viscount of Turenne (d. 1304), married second before 4 August 1314 Renauld, Lord of Picquigny, vidame of Amiens (d. 1315)
  4. Marguerite (d. 1310), married Guy, Viscount of Thouars (d. 1308)
  5. Mahaut (d. aft. 1328), married Alfonso de la Cerda

John died at Clermont-en-Beauvaisis in 1294.


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French nobility
Preceded by
Alphonso of Brienne
with Marie
Count of Eu
Succeeded by
John II
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