John III, Count of Nassau-Beilstein

John III, Count of Nassau-Beilstein
Spouse(s) Anna of Nassau-Weilburg
Noble family House of Nassau
Father John II, Count of Nassau-Beilstein
Mother Maria of Soms-Braunfels
Born 1490
Died 11 December 1561(1561-12-11)

John III, Count of Nassau-Beilstein (1490 11 December 1561) was a son of John II and his wife Maria of Soms-Braunfels.

In 1513, he succeeded his father as Count of Nassau-Beilstein. In 1523, he married Anna (1505–1564), a daughter of Louis I (1473–1523) of Nassau-Weilburg and Margaret of Nassau-Wiesbaden (1487–1548).

He died on 11 December 1561. As he had no male heir, Nassau-Beilstein fell back to Nassau-Dillenburg.

John III, Count of Nassau-Beilstein
Born: 1490 Died: 11 December 1561
Preceded by
John II
Count of Nassau-Beilstein
Succeeded by
Henry III
as Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

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