John Grey of Groby

Sir John Grey of Groby

Arms of Grey: Barry of six argent and azure
Born c. 1432
Died 17 February 1461(1461-02-17) (aged about 29)
St Albans, Hertfordshire
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Woodville
Children Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset
Richard Grey
Parent(s) Elizabeth Ferrers, 6th Baroness Ferrers of Groby
Edward Grey, 6th Baron Ferrers of Groby

Sir John Grey, of Groby, Leicestershire (c. 1432[1] – 17 February 1461) was a Lancastrian knight, the first husband of Elizabeth Woodville who later married King Edward IV of England, and great-great-grandfather of Lady Jane Grey.


Grey was the son and heir of Elizabeth Ferrers, 6th Baroness Ferrers of Groby (1419–1483) and of Sir Edward Grey (c. 1415–1457), a son of Reginald Grey, 3rd Baron Grey de Ruthyn.[1][2] His father was summoned to parliament as Baron Ferrers of Groby in right of his wife.[1][3] After the death of Grey's father his stepfather, John Bourchier, assumed his wife's title, Baron Ferrers of Groby.[1]

As Lord Grey would predecease his mother, Lady Ferrers, the title of Baron Ferrers of Groby would pass to his eldest son and heir, Thomas.[1] Grey was never summoned to Parliament. Another title, Baron Grey of Groby was created 21 July 1603 for his direct descendant, Henry Grey (c.1547–1614).

Wife and children

About 1454, Sir John Grey married Elizabeth Woodville, the eldest daughter of Richard Woodville, and Jacquetta of Luxembourg.[1] They had two sons, Thomas, later Marquess of Dorset, born in 1455, and Richard, born in 1457. Richard was aged about 26 when killed by Richard III in June 1483.[2]
In 1491, his widow, by then Queen Dowager, became the co-heiress of her brother, Richard Woodville, 3rd Earl Rivers. She died a year later. [1][3]

Death at the battle of St Albans

Sir John Grey was killed in the Second Battle of St Albans in 1461, fighting for the Lancastrian cause.[1] His widow, Dame Elizabeth Grey, later secretly married Edward IV who was the successful Yorkist claimant to the throne.[1][2]


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