John Chetwynd, 2nd Viscount Chetwynd

John Chetwynd, 2nd Viscount Chetwynd (c.1680 – 21 June 1767), diplomat and politician, was the second son of John Chetwynd and the brother of Walter Chetwynd, 1st Viscount Chetwynd. He succeeded to that Irish peerage in 1736 by virtue of a special remainder.

Earlier in life he was British envoy to Savoy from 1706 to 1713.[1] After returning to England he was Member of Parliament for St Mawes, 1715–1722; for Stockbridge, 1722–1734; and Stafford, 1738–1747. He was also British envoy Extraordinary at Madrid from 1717,[2] until the outbreak of the War of the Quadruple Alliance.

John Chetwynd was married and had two sons and two daughters:

Having outlived both his sons, John was succeeded as Viscount by his brother William.


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