Johannes Musaeus

Johannes Musaeus
Born 7 February 1613
Langewiesen, Schwarzburg-Sondershausen
Died 4 May 1681
Jena, Saxe-Jena
Nationality German
Fields Theologian and natural philosopher
Institutions University of Jena
Alma mater University of Erfurt
Doctoral advisor Georg Grosshain
Doctoral students Johann Georg Macasius
He was the brother of Peter Musaeus.

Johannes Musaeus (7 February 1613 – 4 May 1681) was a German Protestant theologian.


After visiting the Latin school in Arnstadt he studied at the University of Erfurt starting from 1633 in the Arts Faculty and in Jena with Damiel Stahl. In 1634 he received the Magister Artium, studying theology under Georg Grosshain, producing a thesis entitled: Disputatio Apologetica In qua Germanica B. Lutheri versio adversus Georgium Holzaium Jesuitam Ingolstad. defenditur In causa De Cultu Divino Enoschi. In 1643 he became professor of history and poetry. He ottained a doctorate to 1646 in theology and changed to the Theological Faculty.


He fought against the catholic controversial theologians V. Erbermann, J. Kedde, and Jacobus Masenius, and positioned himself against Socinianism. He was founder of the Jenenser Richtung followed by orthodox Lutherans.

Books by Musaeus


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