Johann August Nauck

Johann August Nauck

Johann August Nauck (September 18, 1822 August 3, 1892) was a German classical scholar and critic. His chief work was the Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta (TrGF).


Nauck was born at Auerstedt in present-day Thuringia. He studied at the University of Halle as a student of Gottfried Bernhardy and Moritz Hermann Eduard Meier. In 1853 he became an adjunct under August Meineke at the Joachimsthal Gymnasium in Berlin. After a brief stint as an educator at the Grauen Kloster (1858), he relocated to St. Petersburg, where in 1869, he was appointed professor of Greek at the historical-philological institute.[1]

Nauck was one of the most distinguished textual critics of his day,[2] although, like PH Peerlkamp, he was fond of altering a text in accordance with what he thought the author must, or ought to, have written.[3]

Published works

The most important of his writings and translations, all of which deal with Greek language and literature (especially the tragedians) are as follows:


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