Johan Storm Munch

Johan Storm Munch

Johan Storm Munch (August 31, 1778 January 26, 1832) was a Church of Norway Bishop. He was also known as a poet, playwright and magazine editor.[1]

Munch was born at Vågå in Oppland, Norway. He was the son of parish priest Peter Munch (1740-1802) and Christine Sophie Storm (1746-1825). He was educated for the ministry principally by his father. From 1800-18, he was a private tutor for members of the Løvenskiold family at Løvenborg in Zealand in Denmark. In 1805, he was called to be an assistant pastor in Skjeberg in Østfold, Norway. In 1810, he took a teaching position at Prinds Christian Augusts Minde. He then became a tutor in Christiania. In 1813, he was called to pastor in Sande in Vestfold and in 1817 he received the office of vicar of Aker. In 1823, he appointed Bishop of Diocese of Agder og Telemark at Christiansand. He held this position until his death in 1832.

He published the poetry collection Fjeldblomster in 1813, edited the magazine Saga from 1816 to 1820, and published the play Præsten i Hallingdal in 1825.[2]

Personal life

In 1810, he married Else Petronelle Hofgaard (1790-1879). They were the parents of Norwegian poet and novelist, Andreas Munch (1811-1884) as well as Norwegian Lutheran minister, Johan Storm Munch (1827-1908).[3]


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Preceded by
Christian Sørenssen
Lutheran bishop of Christiansand
1823 - 1832
Succeeded by
Mathias Sigwardt

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