Johan Peter Falk

Johan Peter Falk (26 November 1732 – 31 March 1774) was a Swedish botanist and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus. His first name is sometimes spelled "Johann"; his middle name is sometimes spelled "Pehr"; and his last name is sometimes spelled "Falck".

Falk was born in Broddetorp, Västergötland. He studied at the University of Uppsala under Carl Linnaeus.

Falk travelled to St Petersburg, and participated in the Russian expedition (1768–1774) organised by the German scientist Peter Simon Pallas. Falk took his own life in Kazan.

Falk's notes were published in Germany as Beyträge zur topgraphischen Kentniss des russischen Reichs I.III (1785–1786). They were edited by Johann Gottlieb Georgi.


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