Jo Freya

Jo Freya (born 4 December 1960) is an English saxophonist, clarinetist and singer.

She was born Jo Fraser, but changed her name to Jo Freya as a condition of joining the actors' union Equity, which does not allow two of its members to share the same name. She performs mainly folk music and world music and is part of the bands Blowzabella, Old Swan Band and Token Women, as well as performing with Lal Waterson, Pete Morton and Maalstroom.


Solo albums


As a member of "Blowzabella"

As a member of "Fraser Sisters"

As a member of "Freyja"

As a member of "The Old Swan Band"

As a member of "Tanteeka"

As a member of "Token Women"

In conjunction with "Maalstroom"

As a member of "Moirai"

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