João da Mata Chapuzet

João da Mata Chapuzet[1]
Colonial governor of Cape Verde
In office
9 May 1822  mid to late 1826
Preceded by António Pusich
Succeeded by Caetano Procópio Godinho de Vasconcelos
Personal details
Born 1777
Died 8 August 1842 (age 65)
Nationality Portuguese

João da Mata Chapuzet (1777–8 August 1842) was a Portuguese colonial administrator and a military architect.[2]


He was born in the parish (now neighbourhood) of Lapa in Lisbon, he was posted as second lieutennant of engineers and brought troops that moved the Portuguese court to Brazil in 1807, he headed to Rio de Janeiro in 1808. He returned to Europe to fight in the Peninsular War against the Napoleonic occupation of the country and was later knighted.

In 1816, he was promoted to major post as colonel tennant, served under the General Magister Barracks - head of the Great State of the Portuguese Army.

In 1821, he commanded Forte de São Julião da Barra, the largest Portuguese sea fortification.

He was nominated the 67th colonial governor of Cape Verde by John VI of Portugal, he succeeded António Pusich on May 8, 1822, months after a riot led by Manuel António Martins. He was an engineer and military architect and he was the person who underwent large modernization of the city of Praia, capital of the archipelago.[3] Also in the same time, his son-in-law, lieutennant Ludgero José Villet as his aide-de-camp. He was succeeded by Caetano Procópio Godinho de Vasconcelos in around September 1826.

His last position was the governor of the beach fort of Elvas west of Alentejo, one of the most important in the kingdom and ran between 1838 and 1840.

He was author of several upgrades in some forts including Forte de São Bruno de Caxias and Forte do Guincho.

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Preceded by
António Pusich
Colonial governor of Cape Verde
Succeeded by
Caetano Procópio Godinho de Vasconcelos
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