Jinnah family

Jinnah family
Mazar-e-Quaid, the final resting place of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Fatima Jinnah.
Ethnicity Gujarati[1][2]
Current region New York City, US (Dina Wadia)[3]
Place of origin Kathiawar, Gujarat, India[4]
Members Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Fatima Jinnah
Emibai Jinnah
Maryam Jinnah
Dina Wadia
Connected families Wadia family
Petit family
Distinctions Political prominence
Traditions Khoja Shia Islam[5]
Estate See Full list

The Jinnah family (Urdu: خاندان جناح; Gujarati: જિન્નાહ કૌટુંબિક) was a political family of Pakistan. Jinnahs have played an important role in the Pakistan Movement for creation of Pakistan, a separate country for Muslims of India. The family held the leadership of All-India Muslim League, and it's successor, Muslim League, until it dissolved in 1958 by martial law. Originally from a Gujarati Hindu background, the family converted to Shia Islam in the 19th century and moved to Karachi from Kathiawar, Gujarat.[1]

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (also referred to as only Jinnah) and Fatima Jinnah, have been an important figure in the history of Pakistan. Jinnah was the founder and the first Governor General of Pakistan, while, Fatima played an important role in the struggle for Pakistan Movement and was the founding mother of Pakistan. Jinnah and Fatima has remained an extremely important and well-respected figures in Pakistan, even after their deaths.[6][7]

The family's only living member is Jinnah's daughter, Dina Wadia (née Jinnah) who married Neville Wadia, an Indian Parsi from Mumbai. Since 2003 Dina lives alone with staff in the New York City, United States, whereas Wadia family lives in Mumbai, India.[3]

Members of the Jinnah family

First generation

Second generation

  1. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
  2. Ahmed Ali Jinnah
  3. Bunde Ali Jinnah
  4. Rahmat Bai Jinnah
  5. Shireen Jinnah
  6. Fatima Jinnah
  7. Maryam Bai Jinnah

Third generation

Fourth generation

She had a rift with her father when she expressed her desire to marry a Parsi-born Indian, Neville Wadia. According to M C Chagla in "Roses in December", Jinnah, a Muslim, disowned his daughter after trying to dissuade her from marrying Neville. Dina Wadia is the only direct living link to Jinnah and the nation of Pakistan claiming her father as its own father of the nation is assumed to have some kind of kinship with her according to Akbar S. Ahmed.[14] His descendants through her are part of the Wadia family and reside in India as she married and stayed in India after the creation of Pakistan in 1947. Dina Wadia lives alone with staff in the New York City, United States.[3]


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