Jimeno Garcés of Pamplona

Jimeno II Garcés (died 29 May 931) was the brother of King Sancho I of Pamplona and son of García Jiménez by his second wife, Dadildis of Pallars. He reigned from 925 until his death (931). While sometimes said to have been regent for his nephew, García, at least one contemporary document in which both appear names him and not his nephew as king. Only in the last year of his reign does García also appear with the royal title. In 927, he took an army south to support his Banu Qasi kinsman, causing, Abd-ar-Rahman III, Emir of Córdoba, nephew of Jimeno's wife, to retreat without offering battle.

Jimeno married Sancha Aznárez, sister of Sancho's queen Toda Aznárez and granddaughter of king Fortún Garcés. He had by her: García, who went with his mother to Gascony; Sancho, who married Quissilo, daughter of García, count in Bailo; and Dadildis, wife of Muza Aznar ibn al-Tawil, wali of Huesca (grandson of Aznar Galíndez II of Aragon). By a mistress he had another son named García, who died at Córdoba.

Preceded by
Sancho I
King of Pamplona
Succeeded by
García Sánchez I
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