Jiaozhou (region)

Jiaozhou (Chinese: 交州; Vietnamese: Giao Châu) was an imperial Chinese province under the Han and Jin dynasties. Under the Han, the area included Liangguang and northern Vietnam but Guangdong was separated to form the province of Guangzhou by Sun Quan following the death of Shi Xie.

Han Dynasty

In 111 BC, the armies of Emperor Wu conquered the rebel state of Nanyue (with its capital at Nanhai (Guangzhou) and organized the area as the province of Jiaozhou. This comprised nine commanderies: Nanhai, Cangwu, Yulin, Jiaozhi, Hepu, Rinan, Zhuya (Chinese: 珠崖), Taner (Chinese: 儋耳), and Jiuzhen (Chinese: 九真).[1]

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Coordinates: 36°15′N 119°58′E / 36.250°N 119.967°E / 36.250; 119.967

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