Jessica Day George

Jessica Day George
Born (1976-10-11) October 11, 1976
Boise, Idaho, United States
Occupation Writer
Period 2007–present
Genre Young adult, Fantasy, Fairy tale
Subject Writing

Jessica Day George (born October 11, 1976)[1] is an American author, who currently lives in Utah. She is a New York Times bestselling author,[2] and she received the 2007 Whitney Award for Best Book by a New Author[3] for Dragon Slippers.

Her books and current published series include the Princess series, the Dragon Slipper series, and the Castle Glower series, as well as the stand-alone book Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow.[4] Many of her stories are adaptations of classic fairy tales, and have received positive reviews from Kirkus Reviews,[5][6][7] Booklist Online,[8][9] and others.

George studied Old Norse at Brigham Young University.[10] George is a Latter-day Saint.


Dragon Slippers series

The Princesses of Westfalin series

Castle Glower series

Standalone books


Year Organization Award title,
Work Result Refs
2007 Whitney Award Best Novel by a New Author Dragon Slippers Won [15]
Best Novel Nominated
Speculative Fiction Nominated
2008 Whitney Award Youth Fiction Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow Nominated [16]
2009 Children's Literature Association of Utah Beehive Book Award for Young Adult Fiction Princess of the Midnight Ball Won
South Carolina Association of School Librarians South Carolina Young Adult Book Award Nominated
Whitney Award Youth Fiction Nominated [17]
2011 Whitney Award Youth Fiction—Speculative Tuesdays at the Castle Nominated
2013 Whitney Award Middle Grade Wednesdays in the Tower Nominated


She has contributed to the writing podcast Writing Excuses as a guest author several times.[18]

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