Jersey cricket team

Association Jersey Cricket Board
ICC status Affiliate (2005)
Associate (2007)
ICC region ICC Europe
WCL 2016 Division Five
Coach Neil MacRae
Captain Peter Gough
First international
Jersey Jersey v. Guernsey 
(Saint Helier, Jersey; 14 August 1922)
Twenty20 debut
Jersey Jersey v. Hong Kong 
(Bready, Northern Ireland; 11 July 2015)
As of 13 September 2015

The Jersey cricket team is the team that represents the Crown dependency of Jersey in international cricket matches. They became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council in 2005, and an associate member in 2007.[1]

They are currently ranked at 29th in the world by the ICC, and at sixth amongst European non-test teams. They are in Division Five of the World Cricket League[2] and Division One of the European Championship.[3]


Jersey first played international cricket against neighbouring Channel Island of Guernsey in the inaugural Inter-insular match in 1957. The match was drawn, Jersey eventually picking up their first win in 1960. They won ten of the matches in a row between 1992 and 2001, before a run of five consecutive victories for Guernsey until 2006.[4]

Jersey became an affiliate member of the ICC in 2005,[1] and took part in Division Two of the European Championship in Scotland in 2006, losing to Norway in the final.[5] The following March, they beat Italy in a three match series that they had to win to be promoted to associate membership of the ICC.[6] They were granted associate status at an ICC meeting at Lord's in June.[7]

In August, Jersey won the inter-insular by 4 runs to end Guernsey's run of wins,[8] but lost the first inter-insular Twenty20 match in September by five wickets.[9]

Tournament history

World Cricket League

European Cricket Championship

  • 1996 to 2004 inclusive: Not eligible, not an ICC member[1]
  • 2006: Division Two Runner-up[5]
  • 2008: Division Two Winner - promoted[15]
  • 2010: Division One Winner
  • 2011: Division One Third place
  • 2013: Division One Semi-Finals
  • 2015: Division One Winner

World T20 Qualifier

Notable players

Four players have played for Jersey and at first-class level for another team (or teams):

Several other first-class players were born on the island, including:


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