Jerrawa railway station

Location Jerrawa NSW
Line(s) Main South

Jerrawa was a small railway station on the Main South railway line in New South Wales, Australia.

Single line

It opened in 1875 as a crossing loop with a goods siding.

Double line

The line was duplicated c1915, and the goods siding was arranged so that it was connected to the main lines with trailing points. There were also refuge loops in both directions.


It was closed to passenger services in 1975.[1] It consisted of an island platform between the two main lines and several goods sidings. The platform has been removed and the mainlines straightened and a signal box and sidings remained. The signal box was removed when semaphore signals were replaced by colour light signals c2010.

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Coordinates: 34°47′05″S 149°05′11″E / 34.7848°S 149.0865°E / -34.7848; 149.0865

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