D. Jeffrey Mims

D. Jeffrey Mims
Born 1954
North Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Known for Mural Painting
Movement Classical Realism
Awards Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation grant, Arthur Ross Award, Alma Schapiro Prize

D. Jeffrey Mims (born 1954) is a painter, educator, lecturer, and muralist working in the classical realist tradition.

Mims was born in North Carolina, USA. In 1976, he was awarded an Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation grant to copy masterworks in museums in England, France, and Italy. In 1981 Mims returned to Florence, Italy, where he studied with the American painter Ben Long for another year.

In recognition of his mural Fresco at the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Glendale Springs, NC, Classical America awarded Mims the Arthur Ross Award for "excellence and integrity in the application of classical ideals," [1] In 2009, Mims was awarded the Alma Shapiro Prize, an Affiliated Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome by The Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.[2] Mims Studios was launched in 2000 as a school of fine art based on a 19th-century Beaux Arts curriculum. In 2011, the private studio school closed and was relaunched as the Academy of Classical Design[3] in association with The Classical Design Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the education of artists.


The Academy of Classical Design is an atelier, or studio school, offering training in the disciplines of drawing and painting. The curriculum includes: Drawing from the Charles Bargue Cour des Dessins, Tonal and Color Sketching, Drawing and Painting after Antique Plaster Casts, Old Master Copies, Grisaille Painting, Portrait and Figure Drawing and Painting, Landscape Painting, Composition and Ornamental Design, and a Master Class in Mural Painting and Buon Fresco.

Interior of the Cast Studio - Academy of Classical Design - Southern Pines, NC

Selected writings

2016 "Creating a Classical Academy" Traditional Building Magazine. April 2016. [4]

2010 "Caput Mundi (Capital of the World)" Fine Art Connoisseur. July 2010. pp. 41 – 44 [5]

2006 "Slow Painting / A Deliberate Renaissance" Oglethorpe University Museum, Atlanta, Georgia—catalogue with contributed essay.[6]


1976 - Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation grant[2]

1984 - Classical America - Arthur Ross Award[7]

2009 - The Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America - Alma Schapiro Prize - Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome[8]



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